Code the Way partners with high schools, technology companies, and local nonprofit companies to offer students advanced computer science training and real-world experiences. The student’s software development projects benefit local nonprofit companies, that otherwise could not afford these technology solutions, resulting in improved efficiencies and the ability to help more people in the community.


High School Students in Southeastern Wisconsin have access to high quality computer science education and real-world experiences, positioning them for success in technology-related fields.

Code the Way Model

  • Student access to real-world work experience – Students simulate current industry processes and practices working on projects that impact the local community culminating with a presentation of their accomplishments to community business leaders.
  • Helping the local community – Students create custom software solutions to aid local nonprofit companies in meeting their mission and vision, ultimately helping those in the local community.
  • Companies are part of the solution – Companies invest in education, make technology more accessible to nonprofits, offer their employees a meaningful volunteer experience, and contribute to the talent pipeline.

Students: Apply for the upcoming 2020 project season now!